Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mt Conner, Ayers Rock and The Olgas

Wednesday 18 May: Once gain I'm obliged to take a day tour to a place I'd enjoy much more if I had more time and travelled there independently.
Named after Scottish explorer John McDouall Stuart it's a long straight six-hour drive from Alice along Stuart Highway, with only two right turns, to get to Ayres Rock (Uluru). There are actually three rock outcrops in the area and first we stop to view the flat-topped Mt Conner (Atila), with a large salt-pan lake on the other side of the road, before continuing to the the majestically imposing base of Ayres Rock and a pool, once an important source of water for Aboriginal folk.
We continue on to see the mystical 36 domes of The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) and spend some time exploring the large conglomerate rock formations and rock-pool reflections in Walpa Gorge.
Returning to Ayres Rock in the slightly cooler afternoon the fitter in the party scale the heights of the great monolith. It's a steep shadeless but thrilling climb with rewarding views back across to The Olgas. Exhausted, we retreat to a distant picnic spot viewpoint to watch the sunset and changing colours of The Rock while sipping red shiraz.
I could stay here for days trekking on the various trails but, sadly, it's time to leave.
Photos of Mt Conner, Ayres Rock and The Olgas.

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