Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Agia Anna

Waves lapping Agia Anna's beach
Wednesday 1 May: I move around the coast to Agia Anna where I've reserved a studio flat in Sophi's Pension for ten nights. Most years I undertake a ten-day detox diet: a single fruit only (watermelon then apples) for the first two days followed by a diet of raw fresh fruit and vegetables for eight days and this is the ideal place to do it.
Friday 10: After ten days free of alcohol, caffeine and other toxins I feel great. Time to move on again.
Slideshow of Agia Anna and day trips to Apollonas and, to the highest peak in the Cyclades, Mt Zeus.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hora (Naxos town)

Fisherman's church, Hora harbour
Friday 26 April: Arriving on the newish Blue Star ferry Delos I'm soon comfortably settled in my little poolside studio in Irene Pension II and spend a few days exploring the town: hilly little old town backstreets, the boulder-topped causeway, Apollo's temple on the headland and the tiny fisherman's church set on a little island in the harbour.
Slideshow of Hora (Naxos Town).

Monday, 10 June 2013


Oia, atop Thira's black caldera rim
Sunday 21 April: Once again aboard the aging ferry Prevalis I soon arrive in the jewel in the crown of the Greek islands . . . Santorini. A pastel and blue coloured pallet atop the hardened harsh-black and rust-red lava remains of the island's volcanic past.
Tuesday 23: The cliff-top footpath from Santorini's main town, Fira, along the caldera's steep black rim to the village of Oia is a sheer delight. So much so that, on Thursday, I take the bus to Oia and walk it back the other way. Fantastic.
Wednesday 24: Visiting the black sandy beach at Kamari on Santorini's east coast is a great but toe-roasting experience, it's bloody hot. Back in Fira I dine at Salt & Pepper, my restaurant of choice, where a starter of stuffed vine leaves, a shot of raki and a desert scoop of ice cream are complimentary. I leave a tip and on Thursday I get two stuffed vine leaves and two scoops of ice cream. Fantastic too.
Slideshow of Santorini.