Monday, 11 January 2010

Goa: Palolem

Saturday 9 January: Train arrived in Margao late, so autorickshaw to Metropolitan Park bus stand for local bus to Benaulim beach and a night at Rosario's Inn. Joined forces with American student Kaveh who I first met in Aurangabad Youth Hostel then again at Mumbai train station. Originally from Alabama, he's in India on a six week break from a language course in Tajikistan.
Sunday 10: Moved further south to a beach shack in Palolem, full of backpackers and stalls selling tourist trivia. Relaxing beach, good sea food and reasonably priced Kingfisher Strong - India's tastiest beer so far. Also, bacon breakfasts, Marmite, fish and chips, English football on TV (postponed due to bad weather!) and a dish I've not seen on a menu for years - Lancashire hotpot.
Photos of Benaulim and Palolem.

Thursday 14: Back to Rosario's to catch Friday's 8:00 am Howrah Express from Margao to Hospet for Hampi.


  1. this has to be a real coincidence.
    Yesterday I watched 'Slum dog Millionaire' on TV
    Towards the end, the main character is seen resting against a stone plaque in Bombay Station, which has the name 'Frederick Stevens' on it
    Sad I know, but I goggled it and established that he was the designer of the Bombay station.

  2. Hi Andy,

    Even more of a coincidence - I saw 'Slum Dog Millionaire' in a restaurant in Hampi on Monday and noticed the same thing! Small world.