Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Alice Springs

Monday 16 May: The town in the red centre of Australia, Alice Springs came into being as a staging post for the telegraph link from London, via Singapore and Darwin, to Britain's south Australian colonies. So I take an afternoon stroll, north along the Todd River (usually dry), to the old telegraph station. It's a pleasant walk punctuated by "good day" greetings from the slightly scary traditional 'black fella' custodians of the area.
Tuesday 17: It's also a long stroll, east back past the train station, to Aralueun Arts Centre where is distinctive Aboriginal art encompassing both traditional and conventional western landscape styles. The Museum of Central Australia is interesting too tracing the earth's evolution from the big bang to traces of early life and mega-fauna with finds on display, like weighty meteorite fragments, mostly from Central Australia, as evidence of the process. Fascinating museum.
Wednesday 18: A walk up step Anzac is rewarded by fine views of MacDonnell Ranges and Mt Gillen which dominate the town.
Photos of Alice Springs.

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