Sunday, 14 July 2013

Monasteries of Meteoria

Monk's lofty lairs atop rocky buffs
Wednesday 15 May: Still heading north, the 8:00am train from Athens' Larissa Station arrives at Kalambaka five hours later. Quickly checking in at the King Hotel I hike up to the two eastern monasteries in the chain of five that top the rocky limestone pinnacles of Meteoria, Agia Trias and Agia St Stephen
Thursday 16: Today I get the morning bus up to western Great Metoria and walk back down to Verlaam, Roussansu and St Nikolass monasteries, fantastic scenery.
Slideshow of the Monasteries of Meteoria.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Athens revisited

Silly walks Athens' guard style
Saturday 11 May: Early ferry to Pireas then the metro to Monastraki and a short walk to Soho Hotel, handy for Athens' main sights.
Sunday 12: The Acropolis Museum displays much of the decorative marble from the Acropolis except, of course, The Elgin Marbles that were purchased from Greece and remain in London. I follow a surprisingly good lunch at museum with a surprisingly entertaining spectacle - the changing of the guards. All pompoms and silly walks, the guards appear less threatening than a troupe of ballet dancers.
Monday 15: The Parthenon under repair is a little disappointing but the views from the Acropolis over the city, down to Ancient Agora and the Temple of Zeus are impressive.
Tuesday 14: The Archaeological Museum is great, statues of more Greek gods and nymphs than you can wave a siren at. A quick stroll around the Temple of Apollo and then to Cafe Fish for the best fish supper this side of Scotland.
Slideshow of Athens revisited.