Friday, 10 June 2011

Litchfield National Park

Monday 23 May: This is an organised day tour out of Darwin and the only way I can do it. First we take a boat trip on the Adelaide River to see the 'Salties' or Salt-water Crocodiles 'jumping' for lamb-chop baited lures. Actually, this is their natural behaviour when snapping-up fruit bats or unwary water-foul. Not really jumping, it's more tail-powered swimming. Great photos though as these large prehistoric reptiles appear quite suddenly above the murky ooze. Back on the river bank there's more pictures with a large Olive Python before proceeding to the park proper.
Next we stop to look at a whole field of Magnetic Termite mounds and one huge monolith created by Cathedral Termites before heading to the lowland Wangi Falls where Crocs may still lurk from the recent wet season, no swimming. In more mountainous country, is Florence Falls and Buley Rock Hole where a chili swim in each is welcome respite from the heat, good day.
Photos of the Adelaide River and Litchfield National Park.

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