Saturday, 11 June 2011


Friday 27 May: The sweet smell of clove infused cigarette smoke and I know immediately that I'm back in Indonesia. Three days rest in bustling Kuta, the primary Balinese resort, before the long haul home - laundry, hair cut and a massage.
I was diagnosed with a trapped nerve in my neck when in Adelaide " . . . if it's painful, take painkillers, see a physio . . .". Fortunately there was an Irish physio on the Kakadu trip, David, who treated me for free " . . . do these exercises, a massage might help . . .".
So, here I am in a back room in Kuta, "Sir, you like happy ending?". "No just a massage.", I can't afford a happy ending.
Saturday 28: Neck still hurts.
Photos of Bali.

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