Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thai Massage School: Level I

DSCN6961 by DavetreksMonday 16 April: My first day of tuition in The Old Medicine School Hospital in Chiang Mai is daunting experience. Not only because I've not been at school for a while but also because I've been partnered up with a young honey-skinned Italian girl who I'm scared I might break. Our teacher for Level I, the first week, is a sweet and gentle Thai man who introduces himself "Pad Thai" - easy to remember there's a popular Thai dish of the same name. Changing partners each day we learn about stretching, warming, following energy lines and finding acupressure points. We are also introduced to the various massage techniques of palm pressing, palm press walking, palm press together, palm circles and palm squeezing together with thumb press, thumb press together, thumb press walking and thumb slides - finger circles, finger hooks together, finger hook walking and foot walking come later! Confused? Me too, but soon all became clear - we have a good and patient teacher. The course is residential and soon I begin to get to know some of my other classmates: a sultry tattooed Spanish girl, beautiful Yuki, Dutch Monique, American Rachael and German Devaki. The guys are Anupam from India, entertaining Spaniard's young Natcho and thin Natcho - no relation.
Friday 20 April: It's party time and Pad Thai joins us for dinner - Thai style barbecue washed down with Chang beer.
Photos from Level I of Thai Massage School.

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