Monday, 25 June 2012

Thai Massage School: Level III & IV

DSCN7097 by DavetreksSaturday 28 April: As soon as I arrive at Bangkok's Hua Lumpong station I check my e-mails and discover that if I contact Jet Airway's Bangkok office directly I may be able to change my ticket. The office is only two metro stops away so I rush there only to find that it's closed, the staff have left and the manager is just leaving. But I'm in luck - he kindly unlocks the door and quickly changes my ticket - no charge! So instead of flying back to London I'm, once again, on a sleeper train back to Chiang Mai.
Sunday 29: When I arrive back at Thai Massage School sweaty, grimy and weary a big hug from beautiful Yuki - "I thought I saw a ghost" - makes it all worthwhile. I treat myself to a herbal sauna and my world is bright again.
Monday 30: Wasun, the headmaster, is now our teacher and Thai massage theory, classroom style, is in the morning with practical sessions each afternoon - we are now studying for the advanced certificate in Thai Therapeutic Massage.
Tuesday 1 May: My old drinking pal Nacho is replaced by a new drinking pal, Korean Hyun Jin - I just call him "Jin" as in "Gin & tonic" but old Nacho comes back occasionally to join us for a big Chang or two.
Friday 11: It's graduation day and we all pass with flying colours or, at least, flying white wrist bands. Wasun presents each of us with a decorative certificate, photographs are taken, e-mails are swapped and the course is over - it's time to celebrate. Mob handed we take over the school's kitchen - Yuki prepares a delicious main course of Italian seafood carbonara, I add Scottish summer salad (I'm glad there's no one else here from Britain!), Jin prepares melon and ginger juice, and young Nacho adds Spanish gazpacho. But it's an early night, we are going to the top of Thailand's highest mountain tomorrow . . .  perhaps my chance to get Yuki alone?
Photos of Thai Massage School: Level III & IV.

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