Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Sunday 13 May: I check into Your Place Guesthouse, near Hua Lumpong station, convenient for onward travel south - I want to hit a beach before I return to London. Train travel is comfortable but slow so Yuki and Nacho have already booked in and are sightseeing in the old city. I need to pick up my beach gear from Bella Bella House so we agree to meet later at Tha Chang, the pier for Wat Pho. When their ferry arrives from Wat Arun I'm already sitting at the jetty cafe sipping a drink. A smile and a wave - it's great to see Yuki again.
Catching a river bus to Tha Phra Athit (stop 13) we take a stroll along Khao San Road and as night draws in we walk back along Rambuttri for a simple alfresco dinner of pork steak Lao style at Mr Kim's - it's nice. It's Yuki's last day tomorrow.
Monday 14 May: Yuki and Nacho are taking a day trip to to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, a couple of hours by train. I think Yuki is disappointed that I've decided not to go with them. But I have a mission, I want to buy her a parting gift, and I know it will take me most of today to find a suitable present - it's been a long time since I've bought a pretty girl that I like a gift and I wasn't very good at it then! It needs to be small, light and meaningful - it does take all day and I hate shopping.
Late in the evening I accompany Yuki to the airport express. She's chosen a daft route and won't listen to me - a few words, a gift almost returned, a final kiss and she's gone, story of my life. I walk back to the hotel alone, I've missed the last metro.
Tuesday 15: I take the train south to Prachup Khiri Khan, a place I like, for a few days by the sea.
Friday 18: Gloomily I visit Bangkok's National Gallery before flying back to London but only one picture appeals so I defy the rules and photograph it.
Photos of Bangkok.

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