Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Sunday 11 March: To break up my wait in Phnom Phen I've popped down to the seaside for a few days, Sihanoukville, a mere five hours away ($4 by Phnom Penh Sory bus).
Tuesday 13: It's changed so much in the last two years: the wide muddy pot-holed track down to the beach is now a concrete dual-carriageway, the beach strip is more built up, there's now a boat pier and the rates at my hotel of choice have rocketed skywards (from $4 to $10 a night). Fortunately though, the quality seafood and draft beer prices remain the same, great.
Sokhom Guesthouse - large clean double-aspect en-suite ($10) with shared balcony, TV and free wifi.

Photos of Sihanoukville.

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