Sunday, 29 May 2011

Adelaide revisited

Tuesday 10 May: I'm forced to upgrade to first class to get a seat on the Overland train to Adelaide. Probably my favourite Aussie city, it has more of the feel of a small country town and I book into the now familiar YHA hostel.
Wednesday 11: This visit I have time to explore the Art Gallery properly. I'm impressed by some traditional Aboriginal works, Herbert Schmalt's Zenobia's last look at Palmyra and John Collier's Priestess of Delphi, among others.
Thursday 12: I also have time now to visit the National Wine Centre where there's a desert wine tasting. Luscious apricot flavours in the pale 2009 yellow Mr Riggs 'sticky end' followed by the more golden yellow and marmalade flavours of the Woodstock 2006 botrytis semillon, then lastly the citrus fruits of Tim Adam's pale straw coloured botrytis reisling. Wonderful, what a great institution.
Fri 13: Today I walk around Adelaide and research more travel plans in the magnificent library of the Royal Geographical Society. This evening is one of the National Wine Centre's Uncorked sessions - meet the maker, taste the wine. Tonight it's Colin Kay from Kay Brothers Winemakers and Vignerons. Originally from Arbroath in Scotland, Colin's family are now settled in the McLaren Vale wine region, yet another job my school careers master omitted to mention. Colin presents us with five fine reds each decanted four hours earlier: a 2009 soft fruity basket pressed grenache, a 2008 mellow cuthbert cabernet sauvignon and two hill side shiraz wines, a 2007 and a 2008, regarded as the best vintage which should mature in about 18 years. Interesting evening.

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