Friday, 13 January 2012

India: Kushinagar

Friday January 6: Ramabh Stupa, an unremarkable pile of red bricks, marks the funerary site of the 80 year old Buddha who died here in 543BC. With saffron-robbed monks meditating it's a pleasantly calm and tidy place to contemplate life. The shrine of Matha Kuar with a Buddha statue in the attitude of touching earth indicates where he gave his last sermon and the white-domed Nivarna Temple has a Buddha statue reclining on his right side with his head facing westward representing the dieing Buddha.
The most spectacular of the modern temples is the golden Burmese stupa, the Thai one is the prettiest and the modest Tibetan temple is a good place to stay.

Saturday 7: Bus to Gorakhpur's enormous high-tech station for the 17:05 Vaishali Express sleeper to New Delhi.
Photos of Kushinagar.

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