Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mui Ne Beach

Monday 12 July: Liza, Eric and I meet up again on the bus to Mui Ne - the beachside Hai Yen Guesthouse, with pool, is a good choice.
Tuesday 13: From the narrow beach strip we wade up a shallow river, the 'Fairy Spring', which is surprisingly pretty - red desert dunes drape over soft white sandstone bluffs which hang above a translucent reddish stream, alive with small darting fish. On the dunes Eric stumbles upon a vintage M16 cartridge case so we decide to stick close to the beaten track in fear of unexploded ordnance. Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodians, of all ages, are still disfigured or killed each year by exploding US munitions.
A few Mui Ne photos.
Overnight bus to Saigon.

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