Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hoi An and My Son

Monday 5 July: A delightful ancient riverside town with old Chinese meeting houses and house museums. By the agreement of both sides it was undamaged by war and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site awash with tourist bars, restaurants and hotels.
Tuesday 6: The real draw card is the local Cham temple remains at My Son. A Viet Cong base during the so called 'Vietnam' war the temple complex was bombed mercilessly before President Nixon instructed the US military to stop destroying Cham monuments but continue killing the Viet Cong.
From the entrance gate old US Army jeeps (58th mode of transport) ferry us to the temple sites. Judging by the size of the grass-filled bomb crater in front of the ruins I'm surprised anything is still standing - the guide tells us the bricks were cemented together, in situ, with sugar syrup before being fired to set the glue making the structures as hard as solid rock - ideal bomb shelters.

Pictures of Hoi An and My Son.

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