Thursday, 19 November 2009


Thursday 19 November: Arrived 8:00 am at Lahore City Station and made a bee line for Regale Internet Inn in Regale Chowk - a traveller's favourite with dorm beds, kitchen, twin-tub washing machine, Karim international supermarket on the corner and unique access to Sufi religious ceremonies courtesy of the influential owner, Mr Malik. Touched base with Kevin who from Tullamore who had cycled from Ireland following much of the same route I had taken.
Autorickshaw (34th mode of transport) to Lahore Fort with it's magnificent gateway completed by Emperor Akbar in 1566 is surprisingly pretty inside complimented by the beautiful red sandstone and white marble Badshahi Mosque opposite.
Mr Malik (sitting between the drummers) organised an afternoon of Sufi religion Qawwali singing at Data Dabar and an evening of Sufi spinning and whirling dancing, free apart from the rickshaw. An hospitable family insisted on buying us all afternoon tea in the park and showered us with farewell gifts of Sufi bracelets.
Lahore Museum also a real delight - I especially liked the art, the bits of rubble from the Berlin Wall and Kim's Gun described by Kippling in his great novel, Kim.
Lahore pictures.

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