Monday, 30 November 2009


Thursday 26 November: India's fragrant capital with it's great Red Fort in the old town and Jama Mosque, India's largest, with it's climbable minaret overlooking the fort.
In New Delhi the National Museum in Janpath has fine galleries. The
exquisite Dancing Girl (2,7000-2,000 BC) from the Harappan Civilisation, bronze Standing Buddha (2 AD), Kushan Dynasty, the seductive looking terracotta Ganga with her water pot (5 AD) and the bronze Vishnu in his wheel were among my favourites, together with the gruesome weapons and fantastic red, blue and gold feather earrings.
Away from the hub-bub of traffic near Delhi Gate the peacefulness and tranquility of Humayun's Tomb was a welcome surprise, even the much smaller Isa Khan Tomb in the same complex was a delight.
Next day the old fort - Purana Qala - spoiled a bit for me by the vodofone boating lake (the locals love it) has impressive gateways and trees, and at Gandhi Smri you can trace the great man's last steps, literally.
I always used to stay in the old Raj style Imperial, but it's become part of a chain so this time I opted for a backpacker cheapie in the lively Paharganj area,
handy for New Delhi station and the train to Agra.
Delhi in pictures.

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