Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tel Aviv under fire

Missiles aimed at Tel Aviv
Thursday 15 November: I'm forced to return to Tel Aviv by train to, hopefully, get my laptop repaired.
Friday 16: The hard disk is beyond repair so I have bought a new laptop and spend the afternoon in the lounge area of the hostel engrossed in downloading programs. Suddenly, sirens sound and guests rush in off the streets to join me in this basement safe area. There is Hamas rocket fire from Gaza. Many of the youngsters are panicking so I try to reassure them. I worked in central London throughout IRA bombings in the 1980's, without injury, what are the chances? Finally I ignore all around and concentrate on upgrading my software.
Saturday 17: A siren sounds and a shuddering explosion clears Tel Aviv's beaches. It's more Hamas rocket fire but the received wisdom is that for any Gaza rocket to reach Tel Aviv it must have been stripped of much of it's payload to make room for the extra fuel required. It's sabre rattling grand scale. Fine by me.
Sunday 18:  More sirens and an explosion at 10:30am. I try again to reassure some weeping German girls before walking to the bus station, I'm off to Jerusalem. Out of the frying pan . . .

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