Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cyprus: Larnaka

Troodos Mountains in cloud
Thursday 18 October: To escape the dank, cold and wet winter in northern Europe (and all that comes with it: coughing, sneezing, coats and scarves, numb toes, snot, phlegm, blocked noses, sore throats and congestion) I had planned to cruise from Cyprus to overwinter in the Middle East but both ferry operators have suspended their services for 2012. However, the San Remo Hotel here has a good deal: double en-suite room with balcony overlooking the pool, plus a large and varied buffet breakfast (all for just 19 a night). I'm going to laze in Larnaka for a while. Today I take a gentle stroll north to the Roman aqueduct then around the salt lake, for which Larnaka was once famous, and I don't see a soul, great. The food is great too: Sea Bream with Greek salad, a little red wine and a sweet local desert to finish.
Saturday 20: Day trip to the divided city of Nicosia. The sturdy city walls are more impressive than photogenic. I've left my passport at the hotel so I'm unable to visit the Turkish sector, pity.
Photos of Cyprus.

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