Saturday, 20 October 2012

Santiago to Fisterra

Fisterra harbourside
Monday 2 July: Santiago to Maronas - 27 miles (44km). This is not a religious pilgrimage for me so I'm not dwelling in Santiago but continuing to the Atlantic Ocean at Fisterra. At Negreira I see Julie sitting in an albergue doorway, she's crying.
Me: "Are you okay?"
Julie: "No."
Me: "What's the matter?"
Julie: "There's been storms and power cuts at home and our house has been burglarized - there's a trail of stuff and our television is in the front yard."
Me: "Don't worry, it's probably not that bad, does your dad know?"
Julie: "Dad's flying home right now so I can't contact him. I'm not worried but it's our cat, she's missing - my little sister will be so upset."
Me: "Don't worry. I'm sure they wouldn't steal a cat, she'll turn up. Cat's have a habit of surviving."
I comfort her for a while then continue as the day is still young.
Casa Pepa en Santa Marinas (12).
Tuesday 3: Maronas to Fisterra - 26 miles (43km). Up and over misty mountains and eventually I reach the ocean at the fishing village of Cee. The weather brightens up so I continue along the coast to Fisterra. This is nice. Just as I'm entering my sandal comes apart and I see Mechteld who caught the bus here yesterday.
In the evening we meet Adam & Joanna and find a little sangria bar with a table football machine to celebrate. It's a fun evening and one snippet of conversation goes something like this:
Me: "It was a good day today."
Adam: "Yes, but I think it's going to be a harsh winter. Blackbirds are building their nests with . . ."
Mechteld: (laughing but looking at me accusingly) "You told him!"
Later we go skinny-dipping before staggering home.
Albergue de Pas (10).
Wednesday 4: Bump into Natasha & Garry, they're fine. Julie's cat has returned home unharmed. Even Leah is here, suffering badly from tendinitis. I spend the afternoon sunbathing with Mechteld before we catch the afternoon bus to La Coruna for one last tapas dinner before she flies back home. My pilgrimage is over, what next?
Photos of the Camino de Santiago: Santiago to Fisterra. I've now walked  483 miles (780km). 

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