Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Portomarin to Santiago

Catedral de Santiago
Thursday 28 June: Portmarin to Palas de Rei - 16 miles (25km). Fairly uneventful day.
Albergue Buen Camino (10).
Friday 29: Palas de Rei to Boente - 13 miles (21km).
Another quiet day before arriving at the pretty church and comfortable hostel in Boente.
Albergue Boente (11). 
Saturday 30: Boente to Monte del Gozo - 27 miles (44km). A long day to reach the massive hostel complex at Monte del Gozo that can accommodate more than 2,000 pilgrims.
Municipal albergue (€5).
Sunday 1 July: Monte del Gozo to Santiago de Compostela - 3 miles (5km). Meet Adam & Julie who have stopped at the hostel for, you guessed it, coffee. They go on ahead while I order breakfast. As soon as I arrive in Santiago I take my stamped credentials (pilgrims passport) to the pilgrim office to get the cathedral's certificate of pilgrimage, the Compostela, it's dated and my first name is scribed in Latin - Davidem. In the afternoon I meet Adam & Joanna again and later see Mechteld in the cathedral who is now with an Aussie guy from Melbourne. Nevertheless we agree to have dinner and in the early evening I'm surprised to run into Mike who has been here for several days. Dave & Julie are also here so it's a happy reunion.
Over dinner I'm completely embarrassed when Swedish Johanna appears in the restaurant, l don't think she saw me. We walk to Praza Roxa where the world cup final is on a big screen - Italy v Spain. The crowd erupts when Spain wins.
Roots & Boots (15).
Photos of the Camino de Santiago: Portomarin to Santiago. I've now walked  430 miles (693km).

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