Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gyantse to Lhasa

Day 5: Our eight-hour drive crosses Karo La Pass (15,437ft) and Kamba La Pass (15,728ft). We also pass a spectacular unnamed reservoir, not on any of our maps, and in the distance we see many long-haired Yak, like cattle dressed-up for a day at the races, and shorter-haired Zo (cross-bred dairy Cow and Yak).
The views of Kharola Glacier (18,241ft) are astonishing - prayer flags flutter in the breeze each of the five colours representing a Buddhist world element: blue - sky or space, red - fire, yellow - earth, white - air, green - water.
At Yamdrok Tso or Turquoise Lake there is a huge but thankfully passive Tibetan mastiff. In true tour group fashion we visit an incense and mandala artwork centre before eventually arriving in Lhasa.
Photos of the Friendship Highway, Gyantse to Lhasa.

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  1. Good experience of Tibetan valley area more than 18000 ft above.