Friday, 22 January 2010

Kerala: Varkala

Thursday 21 January: At just 200 Rupees (about £2.70) a night, Yoga India House's basic twin-room with separate shower open to the blue palm-filled sky and spotless western-style loo fits the bill.
Great range of Arabian Sea seafood in the cliff-top restaurants - from big ugly weak-jawed but tasty Kingfish or Mahi mahi and delicate Pomfret to plump Tuna, sleek speckled Sea Salmon and snub-nosed Barracuda, Red, White and Black Snappers and gaping-mouthed Red Groupers, Red Mullet, smooth-skinned Butter fish, magnificent Blue Marlin and Shark - not to mention Crab, Lobster, Tiger, King and White prawns as well as Calamari and Octopus.
Enjoyed my relatively expensive (530 Rupees) La Reserve red, the great food, golden beach, rugged waves and a few Kingfisher Strong with Kaveh who liked the ice-cream, chocolate and banana based desert Hello to the Queen that you find on Indian menus.
Managed to catch a temple festival featuring Hindu men adorned as deities,
some with huge flower-pot costumes, a parade of kids with candles and a string of decorated elephants.
Saturday 23: Day out to Kovalum's lighthouse beach with rougher waves and groups of Indian youths gawking at pink geriatric package-tourist flesh.
Tuesday 26: Day trip to Kollam for canoe-boat (42nd mode of transport) tour of Munroe Island's backwater canals. Saw canoe-building - planks jointed and lashed together with coconut-fibre rope then sealed with cashew-nut oil, rope-making from coconut husk fibres and various spice plants.
Thursday 28: Away day to Trivandrum zoo. Like most other places in India the old colonial name is still used rather than the new official name - Thiruvananthapuram - wonder why?
Goodby dinner with Swiss girl Fanny and Kaveh who was flying back to language school in icy Tajikistan via Bangalore, Delhi and Almaty in Kazakhstan.
Photos of Varkala and around.

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