Sunday, 18 October 2009

Zanjan and Soltaniyeh

Saturday 17 October: Eastward to Zanjan and hidden among a row of oily garages is the 400 year old Karavansara Sanga restaurant (not signed in English) an appropriate setting for a feast of kebabs, rice, salad, yogurt and a large pot of tea.
Day trip to see the great Soltaniyeh dome, with its eight minarets, the tallest brick-built dome in the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Photos of Zanjan and Soltaniyeh.
Astonishingly comfortable 1st class compartment on the 7:10 am 4-hour express train to Tehran, including light breakfast, for just 20,000 rials (about £1.50).


  1. Hey Dave, good to see you've finally made it to Iran - getting to the interesting part of the world now. Really envy your endless tea drinking have a thought for the rest of us having to slum it with a daily bottle of Merlot!


  2. Hi ya Eee,

    Yes , finally made it to Shiraz in eastern Iran where vine cuttings were taken back to France during the Crusades. There seems to be a slight glitch in production here and the chance of you finding a glass of Shiraz is only marginally greater than seeing bikini-clad models parading down the high street! But, see my photos of Shiraz when they eventually appear.
    There are no (legal) wineries in Iran but beer is brewed and is available to everyone. It's very healthy, full of vitamins and free of harmfull additives, like alcohol. Wine and beer, with alcohol, are tolerated in Christian communities where Muslims, even Muslim police, are not allowed to venture. Tourists can visit.

    Hope this answers your question but do try some fine Shiraz rather than the rather ordinary Merlot you usually drink.

    All best . . .