Monday, 9 July 2012

Roncesvalles to Pamplona

Wednesday 30 May: Roncesvales to Zubiri - 14 miles (22km). Today is mostly downhill. The scenery is unremarkable farmland and I've lost Natcho but I bump into Natasha briefly at supermarcado breakfast stop, at a stepping-block ford over the Rio Erro and in the evening at the albergue. Later, Natcho also arrives.
The municipal albergue (€6) is in Zubiri's former schoolhouse - fairly basic bunk-bed dorm with detached communal showers across the courtyard.
Thursday 31: Zubiri to Pamplona - 14 miles (22km). I pick up the pace today so as to arrive early in Pamplona and soon I cross the pretty arched medieval Magdalena bridge over the Rio Arga. Great, I'm in the city by midday - a chance to explore Navarra's ancient capital. I walk up to the fortified old town, through the Portal de Francia and on to the Gothic cathedral which towers above the narrow streets lined with  lively bars and restaurants. Further along the camino is the town hall then the street where charging bulls will chase revellers on the 5th July, but not much to see today. In the evening I bump into Erin & Cameron who I've met briefly a couple of times. They, and Natasha, are staying in the larger Albergue Jesus y Maria (sounded a bit like a nunnery to me).
Paderborne albergue (€8) - small comfortable dorm rooms in a pretty riverside house, welcoming drink, free wifi and simple breakfast included.
Photos of the Camino de Santiago: Roncesvalles to Pamplona. I've now walked 44 miles (71km).

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