Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas in Singapore

Thursday 23 December: Accommodation in Singapore is expensive so I'm staying in a fan-cooled dorm at the wonderfully named Cosy Corner Backpacker's Hostel.
Friday 25: I buy myself a new camera as a Christmas present, the old one is held together with duck tape. After a simple lunch I find myself spending a small fortune in The Long bar in Raffles Hotel where, avoiding the bright pink Singapore Slings, I savour the draft Tiger beer, eating peanuts and littering the floor with their husks. This is the only place in strict Singapore where littering is actually encouraged. No littering, No gum chewing, No jaywalking, No graffiti - all these granny state restrictions make you want to spit, but of course, you can't do that either. That said, despite the cost, I do like Singapore for its cleanliness and order but could I live here, I'd rather not - it's a cross between Milton Keynes and Canary Wharf.

Monday 27: Having searched malls and precincts for a few days I finally buy myself a lap-top computer, a major expense on my budget. After all, this is what people do in Singapore - shopping, and gadgets here are tax free. Not so alcohol, so it's time to look for a duty free enclave to celebrate the New Year.
Photographs of Singapore.

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