Thursday, 17 September 2009

Troy and Gallipoli

Wednesday 9 September: From Europe to Asia by roll-on roll-off sea ferry (24th mode of transport) over the Dardinelles (Hellespoint) from Gallipoli peninsula to Çanakkale and Yellow Rose Pension.
Not a lot to see of the nine ancient cities of Troy (Troia) except a wooden Trojan horse with windows. The one in Çanakkale made for the 2004 Troy movie is a bit more authentic and artifacts from Troy are in the Çanakkale's Archaelogical Museum (photos not permitted).

Knee deep in mud in Gallipoli's WWI trenches just too realistic so I visited Kilitbahir's fortress across the narrows on Gallipoli instead. Returned to Asia again to explore Çanakkale's Military Museum which tells the stories of the sea and land battles reasonably well. The most facinating war relic, which gives a chilling reminder of just how much ammunition was flying around, is two bullets welded together as they hit each other in mid-air.
For photos in and around Çanakkale click Troy and Gallipoli.

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