Monday, 27 July 2009


Thursday 24 July: Local train to Zidani Most for the International Express across the border to Zagreb and so from the Euro zone into the Croatian Kuna. Pleasant capital city with trams, a great square, well-tended gardens, fountains and sparrows, sculptures, museums, cafes and more ATMs than you can shake a stick at. Cathedral, tiled church and stone gate shrine where believers worship an icon said to have survived the burning of the original wooden gate. Outdoor entertainment in the evening, beers with unusual names, like Ozujsko or even tastier dark Velebitsko, and bars with even more unusual names like Route 66 just south of the station and others. Mimara musuem has fine art collection and enjoyable battered squid at Mimice fish and chip shop which looks unchanged since the Soviet era.
Modern slick blue tram
(12th mode of transport) to bus station for day trip to Samabor with cascading trout-filled stream spanned by covered wooden bridges. Zagreb photos.

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